Why Instagram for Android is a BIG Deal

instagram for android

Just look at that lovely instamatic just popping over the horizon like a welcome sunrise, the dawning of a new era in photo sharing. Brace yourself – Instagram Android is big news ]because the community is going to get even bigger.

Yeaup. The easy-to-use site that makes everyone a skilled photographer is going to have a new influx of talent – and they believe in the power of Google.

The photo-sharing community is already 30 million strong – and that’s just iPhone users. Now that Android users can finally get in on the action, I would bet the numbers are soaring.  Android users with Android devices running versions 2.2 and higher that support OpenGL ES 2 can download Instagram through Google Play. I wasn’t able to download it directly to my phone, but visited the site instead. However, once I did, I took the time to take my first ever Instagram photo (what a milestone) of my lucky cat:

luck cat, good fortune cat

CNET mentioned that there are still a few kinks to work out. For one, Live Preview is not available for Android users, just iPhone. According to CNET, this prevents users from previewing filters before snapping. However, based on my first time using the app yesterday afternoon, I thought you took the image first, then selected the best filter by selecting and previewing before the final confirmation.

Another missing feature is the tilt-shift and vignetting, which evidently gives a “toy-like quality?” I’m not sure what that involves, but there are bigger issues to worry about. My one concern is that because I already have each Tumblr post automatically to Twitter and set up Instagram to post to my Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter, I now get two simultaneous tweets. Sounds like a job for IFTTT.


I’m currently working on a post for Contently about how one should go about choosing between using stock images versus creating their own content for their blogs. If anyone has any thoughts they want to share, please leave a comment below!

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