Singer Erin Willett Belongs On The Voice; Won Battle With “We Belong”

Last night my friends Mike and Jess and I watched my friend and old roommate Erin Willett on The Voice.  I must be some sort of an influencer because I have my coworkers, friends, family, their coworkers, friends, and family all watching The Voice religiously in order to get a glimpse of Erin. I loved listening to her sing Pat Benatar’s “We Belong,” (to the point where I might actually buy it on iTunes) though myself and the rest of us felt like the segment was much too short. In general, I feel like Erin hasn’t really shown what she is made of yet. I’ve heard her singing around the apartment and I can confidently say that viewers haven’t seen anything yet. I hope she gets to rap at least once.

Last night’s show was tragic in that it was filmed around the same time that Erin found out her father would pass away.  Chuck was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer this past August and passed away last December. On last night’s episode, Erin spoke about the internal conflict she experienced of pursuing her dream and yet wanting to be there for her father. It was touching that last night’s episode of The Voice was dedicated to Chuck and I’m happy the show acknowledged how she not only is under pressure in one of the most stressful situations of her life, but she is also dealing with personal issues of a magnitude that few can deny is not earth shattering. I am so proud and have so much respect for Erin. She is truly one of the strongest, most compassionate people I know and I have no doubt The Voice is going to bring her tremendous success.

erin willett, duck & drake, the voice

Along with the fact that Erin is a beautiful person, you should totally get the t-shirt made in her likeness from Duck & Drake Records, the label she was signed to before The Voice. I wore mine on Super Bowl Sunday when The Voice premiered and I might have to get a second one in black. Just saying.

Oh, and about what she is really made of, listen to her cover Adele’s “One and Only.”

One thought on “Singer Erin Willett Belongs On The Voice; Won Battle With “We Belong”

  1. She *Is* *TREMENDOUS!* Got to actually meet her … she’s real and true … and the girl can *BLOW!* … Power voice with this full tone … a little bit of a whine to it … which I love. Woman is one of those *Real* Straight from the Gut kinda people from what I see … and talkin’ about *Loving!* that!
    Glad to hear her.
    Yes. *Smile* I suppose we could say I’m a *Fan!* … Go!

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