Why You Should Be Blogging

I blog...
I don’t aim to become an overnight sensation.
I’m not hoping to find a clever way to pay my rent.
I would never desire for people to question my credibility because I’m known for being repelling and yet get a man.

The reason why I blog is because it’s a freaking smart thing to do – and you should do it too.

Throughout the years I have had my ups and downs with blogging, usually because school and now work can take up more of my time on any given day and prevents me from posting. In order to keep myself motivated, I’ve written a few posts about trying to find spare time to work and finding inspiration:

Working at Being Creative
Tips for Working Efficiently When You Aren’t Feeling Efficient

Choosing Smart Daily/Weekly Habits

Five Ways to Get Inspired Right Now
How to Write a Blog Post and Do It Well

However, there is still the why to blogging. I initially started blogging because I wanted to work on something in my spare time and I love writing. It has led me to different opportunities, such as writing for Contently. This blog still is a work in progress and always has potential to be so much more.  One item on my to-do list has been to finally start creating a content calendar. I also want to brush up on my video/editing/design skills as well and post original content. Maintaining a blog is a lot of work, but while I won’t become an overnight sensation, there are still other reasons why I, and you, should keep doing so.

I wasn’t able to fully articulate to others why they should blog too until I came upon this post from Visualize.me, a site that turns your resume into a beautiful data visualization.  Iris Van Kerckhove‘s post  Blogging Probably Won’t Help You Quit Your Day Job, Nor Make You a Thought Leader. But You Should Do it Anyway states these five great reasons why you should still blog:

1.  It’s a great addition to your job application

2. It’s great for building your network and strengthening relationships

3.  Creating content keeps you sharp

4.  It’s a productive use of your time

5.  It can make your day

There are few people who can write very well, and while I still have room for improvement, blogging regularly has improved my writing tremendously. I also love to invest in something that is not related to work or to anyone else, but can be made into whatever I want it to be. If you want to spread awareness about yourself and what you do,  start blogging. In case you are just starting, I recently wrote two posts for Contently, The Ultimate Guide to Writing Incredible Headlines and 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Easier to Read, both of which makes blogging less of a wild frontier and more familiar territory.

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