Klout NYC Party & My First Klout Perk

klout, klout nyc, reb carlson, david berkowitz

Last week I went to party thrown by Klout at Grindspaces. Klout is a platform that measures one’s social influence and as an offshoot offers other features such as Klout Perks, along with a few other super secret things in the works. Fellow 360iers David Berkowitz and Michelle Reed  also came and I was able to catch up with Michelle Ross, formerly of Meetup and now working at Klout.

Along with ranking your influence, Klout will also share the topics you are influential about. I’m currently influential about social media, vegetables, and pizza (???), the latter of which earned me a prize in the raffle. $50 for StubHub is now mine – sadly enough a week too late to count towards Coachella tickets.  Some people have their misgivings about Klout, and I think a lot of it has to do with the balance of a startup trying to promote themselves along with creating a product that provides a useful function. Monetizing is always an objective, and to believe that a startup wants to create a product simply to make it, without funding no less, is idealistic and unreasonable. However, I am biased. My influence on pizza has finally been recognized and as a result, got my very first Klout Perk.

klout nyc, klout perks, klout party raffle winner, reb carlson

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