How To: “Remember Every Day” 2012 Desktop Calendar

2012 desktop calendar, DIY

2012 desktop calendar, DIY

A month or so ago when I was searching for Christmas gift ideas, I found a version of a desktop calendar on Etsy. I never saved the link and trying to find it in the Etsy abyss was impossible, so I created my own version.  What you need are twelve vintage postcards, a small wooden box (I used a small drawer purchased along with the cards from Junk in Williamsburg) and 365 index cards (366 for this year).  All you need to do is have one postcard for each month and behind each place the number of index cards for each day of that month.  At the end of every day, write one thing that made that day extra memorable. I think it’s a great exercise to remember the small but wonderful moments that happen throughout the day that can be easily forgotten. What’s great is that if you leave room on the card, you can reuse the calendar year after year and relive those small moments all over again.

Inside of the box I also have a daruma doll, a Japanese traditional doll modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism. I received it a long time ago when my father was last in Japan. On the first day of the New Year, you paint in the first eye, either making a wish or setting a goal.  If at the end of the year the wish came true or you made your goal, you fill in the other eye and  offer the daruma doll at the temple. Daruma dolls are also meant to bring good luck and there is one future occasion this year where I want to send all the luck in the world to one of my family members. I know my wish will come true and will bring happiness and joy to my family.

desktop calendar, 2012

daruma doll, dharma doll, japanese dharma doll

2 thoughts on “How To: “Remember Every Day” 2012 Desktop Calendar

  1. I’ve been doing a less creative idea but it has worked since I was 15. I just write on my livejournal… And if I want to remember something memorable that happened on a certain date, I jump to that date. Easy. Old network – yet I have a book of memories written there.

    1. You write every day in your Livejournal – still?

      Sometimes I read back older posts on this blog and it’s like I’m talking to myself. Eerie.

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