My 2011 Year In Review and Five Favorite Blog Posts

Yesterday I read Jocelyn K. Glei’s article on The 99 Percent Simplify Your New Year’s Resolution Process: Reflect, Select, Remove, which stressed the importance of positive reflection when looking ahead to the new year.  2011 was my year of getting over the initial shock of being out of college and in the real world, but in the end, it was unmistakeably a great journey.I ended a relationship so I could make sure I was becoming who I wanted to be. I watched my oldest sister get married and realized that my family had reached a point where it will no longer be a solitary unit, but will grow and expand for the better as more members are welcomed in. I officially started my professional career as a blogger by writing for Contently’s blog The Content Strategist. I received a promotion at work. I celebrated NY Creative Interns’ One Year Anniversary Bash. I moved into my dream apartment inside a brownstone with tree-lined streets. I have both gained and strengthened friendships. I had a kick ass year with this blog, getting more visitors than ever before.

My most popular post this year was “I Can’t Quit You” – Why I’m Blogging Again, which was when I decided to start blogging regularly again after a long hiatus. I’m glad I did so, because this blog has brought me opportunities and recognition beyond what I expected. Looking ahead, there are some changes I want to implement, but no matter what, I love writing on this blog. Not only does it provide an outlet for my ideas, but helps me become more articulate when sharing them. Some other popular ones that are also my personal favorites are:

Evan Roth: Bad Ass Mother Fucker

Google “Bad Ass Mother Fucker” and you’ll find Evan Roth

Review of 50/50 with Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogen: “How to Deal With Cancer”

Lesson Learned: I Went On A Grouper Date/Was Part of a Dating Scam (allegedly)

grouper dating, join grouper

8 New Cultural Fads From Ryan Gosling’s Movie “Drive” #Spoiler,

Interview with StyleSays Co-Founder Jess Lam

Feel free to check out my blog’s complete report. I find it incredibly amusing that most of my traffic is a result of my penchant for using cultural references and sexual innuendo in post titles.

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