10 Reasons Social Media Nerds Love the Holidays

1. All the opportunities to earn points and badges on Foursquare
foursquare badge, holiday shopping

Crowded airports, becoming mayor of your parent’s house, and please oh please, let there be a Santa badge.  Better yet, let there be another #snowpocalypse.

2. It’s easier to tell share your gift wish list
pinterest, christmas gift list, gift wish list
Hopefully all of your family members have been tracking your tweets and Pinterest board to see the items you so carefully selected for your gift wish list, just to make shopping easier for them.

3. Saying “Happy Holidays” on Twitter is almost the equivalent of sending out holiday cards.
holiday cards

Especially if you sent a Twitpic with it of your family.

4. Your favorite websites and services have gifts to give.
spotify, christmas, present

Why yes, Spotify, I would love to try a free Spotify Premium trial for 30 days, happy holidays to you too.

5. All the food porn appearing everywhere.

Your Tumblr, Twitter feed, Facebook feed, Pinterest, ZOMG so many Foodspotting opportunities! Could your grandma’s house be considered a restaurant?

6. All the Tumblrs dedicated to the holidays.
christmas tumblr, holiday tumblr

Holiday porn.

7. Angry Birds holiday trinkets.

8. The possibility of Google “easter eggs”
google easter egg, google let it snow

Have you tried this year’s “let it snow?” Search “let it snow” on Google and it will begin to snow in your browser.  Use your mouse to wipe away the fog.

9. Gift giving has become easier (thank goodness) with the use of Facebook social graph.
etsy gift finder

Etsy’s Gift Finder is a godsend when trying to find that perfect gift.

10. Freedom

One time of  year, if you so wish, you don’t HAVE to be connected.  If you are lucky, you might be traveling to a remote part of the United States where the internet connection is wonky and being anti-social by checking your Tweetdeck mobile app is not permissable.

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