I’m Leaving NYC & Won’t Be Back Until Next Year

I love living in New York City and agree with most of the items on NY Mag’s Reasons to Love New York 2011 (especially how authors like Jeffrey Eugenides are indeed like blockbuster movie stars), but nothing feels better than knowing I’m leaving the city.  Some things I definitely won’t be missing are my downstairs neighbor who writes eloquent letters asking my roommate and I not to wear shoes, the inability to be fully prepared for the weather (one day it’s 30 degrees, the next 54), and whatever creature is in my backyard that is making cat/child sounds every morning at 8 am.  This year I’ll  be traversing cross-country visiting the three regions my family resides (Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West, even farther Mid-West) for the holidays. I really hope I can find some heart healthy bison again.

bison, buffalo, south dakota


If you are still in dire need of a solid “best of the year” song list and love clever, applicable metaphors to social media (those people are out there, right?), check out the most recent blog post on 360i’s Digital Connections  The Social-Music Year in Review by the 360i Music Council.  The music council in an internal group (including moi) of employees who either have worked in the music industry, would love to, or just love music.  My contribution was about how emerging platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr entered the limelight thanks to our collective penchant for sharing visual content was similar to how singer/songwriter Lana del Rey has gained attention through her videos that are a collection of clips that overall tell a story. I’ve been obsessed with viewing Lana del Rey in a post modernist critical view for a few months now.  Recognized by Flavorwire as one of the “most controversial cultural icons of 2011”, del Rey is still the talk of the town and the buzz is only building.


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