Life Last Week: Third Week of December; Christmas Is All Around Me

Last week was filled with holiday parties, including my office party and NY Creative Interns One Year Anniversary Bash along with little signs that showed  that not only are we in the holiday season, but this is the time of year when people think about those who are near and dear to them.  If the above photo is any indication, I love my friends who know how to have a good time and understand that making jokes at each other’s expense is just a sign of adoration.       Little things like a card in the mail or  a shout out on Facebook are not to be taken for granted.

christmas card

My friend Delia sent me this adorable card in the mail.

post it, reb carlson, parks middleton

I routinely come back to my desk to discover post-its from visitors written in my absence. Even through a post-it, my friend Parks can make me laugh.  It’s also his birthday today (along with seven other Facebook friends). What’s with December babies?

holiday office party, photo booth

Nothing makes a party an excellent shindig like a photo booth.  An epic shindig has a photo booth with props.

Finally finalizing who your posse is (the group of folks you bring everywhere with you) feels like a lifetime achievement.

And the fact my mother uses Facebook to show how she cannot contain her excitement about the holidays makes me happy I taught her in the first place, if only for others to see how much she adores me.

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