Awesome Music Videos from Gorilla vs. Bear’s songs of 2011 list

gorilla vs bear, best songs of 2011

Today  I have a post on Contently on 7 Tips For Super Strategic Video Content from seven amazing brands who used videos not just as a medium to serve content, but to provide innovation for their business. In addition to capturing consumers’ attention, videos should make your content and brand memorable.  Read more on Contently.  Now that we are facing the end of the year, every blog, magazine, and opinionated music aficionado are giving their top picks of the year for artists, songs, and albums.  My favorite list for this year is the Gorilla vs. Bear’s songs of 2011 list.  Not only is it spot on, but this year’s best songs also happened to have great videos.  Here are some of my favorites after the jump.

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