Life Last Week: Second Week of December

Last week I went to BULLETT Magazine “The Secret Issue” Launch and One-Year Birthday Party with Michael C. Hall and Class Actress, saw a great view from a Bushwick rooftop of the Manhattan skyline, and saw my first subway mini-orchestra of the year.

pinterest, social media

I also wrote a post about how Pinterest is like no other social networkfor 360i’s blog.  A week later, it has been retweeted ninety-six times and is one of the most read posts of the past month.  Created out of founder Ben Silbermann’s love for collecting as a child, Pinterest has become a platform for sharing ideas, making lists and curating your favorite things. And, given its passionate user base, brands are beginning to pay attention. “People are going to Pinterest to get inspiration for their most important life projects, which correlate to the most important purchasing events in their life” says Jeff Jordan, partner of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (also a Pinterest Board Member).  What Google did for organizing information, Pinterest does for curating inspiration. Read more on the 360i blog.

bullett magazine, bartender

manhattan skyline, bushwick rooftop

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