My Favorite Things #12: Marc Johns’ Serious Drawings

marc johns, serious drawings

This morning my friend Namrata told me about Marc Johns and his  Serious Drawings. They are adorable, smart, and clever. His book Serious Drawings  has already made it onto my Christmas list.  These drawings have also inspired me to do one of those “one day for a year” projects starting January 1st which slightly more ambitious people do.

I would love to challenge myself to draw something every day and share with the Interwebs.  I only think to start projects like that halfway through January, and an eleven and a half month-long project doesn’t seem as ambitious.  Sometimes at work I draw on post-its and give them to Namrata, and right after she suggested I use post-its for my year-long project, she found Marc Johns’ Sticky Note Drawings.  It’s a done deal, I love this man and his blog.  I also adore how other people have loved his drawings so much they get it tattooed on their bodies.

marc johns, what to focus on, happiness

marc johns, tattoo, what to focus on

Nothing is more flattering that people showing they will permanently scar their skin for life because they fancy your sketches so.

Marc Johns Drawings on Paper

Marc Johns Sticky Note Drawings

Marc Johns Drawings on Rat Traps 

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