Introducing StyleSays

Style says, social shopping, social network

Way back when I was studying public relations at Hofstra, I often would take on projects and internships where I had a client who needed to build brand awareness.   It’s a big challenge to spread awareness for a smaller brand or a growing business.  However, it allows the opportunity to be clever in how to make a name for yourself.

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I have been an avid user of Pinterest for over a year and this past weekend I received a message from a “Jill Mason” who said she loved my boards (flattery will get you everywhere) and that she wanted me to help her choose a pair of shoes to recreate.  I was directed to StyleSays, a new social shopping experience that seems to be a mashup of Polyvore and Pinterest,with a Facebook integration to boot.

Stylesays, social shopping, social network

Not only do I approve the shoes listed (look at those Jeffrey Campbell’s) but it seems like StyleSays has the potential to be widely adopted by fashionistas with a savvy for social.  I connected with one of the co-founders Jess Lam through Twitter and was able to have him answer a few questions, so later this week I’ll write a full post.  “Jill Mason” was a clever marketing ploy that targeted users of a rival site, but hey, it got my attention.  As you wait in anticipation, sign up for StyleSays here and try it out for yourself! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Also, check out this video for an overview:

StyleSays 101 from StyleSays on Vimeo.

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