My Favorite Things #12: Gorgeous Websites

Throughout my days, the occasional browsing will surprise me and I discover some gorgeous websites that make me rethink my perception of web design, literally.  With the use of HTML5, designers can now introduce depth into previously one dimensional space.  One can also rethink the user experience as well, such as OMFG below.  All are worth a visit during your once daily, or thrice daily, browsing.

Lady Gaga’s Workshop




Lady Gaga recently partnered with Barney’s to launch Gaga’s Workshop, an awesome HTML5 experience that leads you into Gaga’s mouth and into her wildest holiday themed dreams.




Sheila Hui’s blog OMFG allows users to select their own template, whether Mosaic, Magazine, or Timeline.

Smart Car USA



Smart Car, leading the way to make browsing for a new car exciting.

Built By Wendy

Scrolling through Built By Wendy’s site literally makes me scream “Weeeeee!” as the clothing appears out of nowhere.

Eco Zoo

While exploring the tree, learn more about zoo animals and how you can help save them. Another plus one for Japanese culture.



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