My Favorite Things #11 – Awesome Blogs

Throughout my workday, I need to take a mental break and go through a few blogs that are very visual and inspiring.  I’ll be at work and discover a new one and laugh out loud, more so out of surprise and delight at how many creative people are out there than actual ha-ha’s.  Most of these blogs are minimal in design.  I feel there is an emerging trend in minimalism and organization that serves as a welcome break in our chaotic and disheveled selves. Some of these blogs I discovered through my friend Namrata at work, who by now knows my tastes in cooking, design, and irony.


lookbook cookbook

Hot pics with models showing off delicious vegan baked goods that actually has ingredients I have heard of (top two most used are cashews and coconut oil).


minimaliste tumblr

A Tumblr with minimalist photography.  Subtle gray and white palettes, landscapes, and peaceful still lifes = FTW.

kim jong-il looking at things

kim jong-il looking at things
Looking at a seed packet

Created by an art director for Y&R Lisbon, this blog shows how “the dear leader likes to look at things.”

Things Organized Neatly


This is the greatest Tumblr in the whole wide world. I could have  a post just showing all of my favorite photos.

Of a Kind

brass collar, c/o Young Frankk

Technically a boutique, via the first Tumblr boutique, Of a Kind shows off great fashion and jewelry merchandise that definitely “one of a kind” but they also accompany it with engaging features including interviews with the designers , tips, and how-to’s, such as how to dress like Allison Reynolds from The Breakfast Club.

One thought on “My Favorite Things #11 – Awesome Blogs

  1. I love these. Thanks for sharing. What is it about things organized neatly? It’s like OCD porn or something. 🙂

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