Five Ways to Get Inspired Right Now

We all have our slow afternoons. What with the fact this weekend is Halloween (and I’m looking for someone to go to Hell at the Hall at Webster Hall with The Black Lips) and the cold weather is creeping in, it can be hard to find inspiration. Here are five ways to do so:

Listen  to something new

The CMJ Music Marathon wrapped up last week, so there are plenty of recaps about which bands you should listen to.  So fire up your Spotify  and start listening.  I’m currently loving Friends (video up above).  If you aren’t in the mood to great your own custom music listening experience, search for ready made playlists and mixtapes.  Try Gorilla Vs. Bear  (there’s a great Halloween 2011 mix now) or try 99% Music Mix – Destination: Elsewhere by Arye Dworken of Self-Titled.

Draw something strange

I carry a notebook with me everywhere in order to sketch or write down thoughts and ideas.  Sometimes I just need to do something with my hands.  Last Saturday night I was watching my friend perform with her choral group – one that specializes in chamber music. Since it was dark in the church and I kept nodding off, I brought out my trusted notebook and created a masterpiece: a dragon trying to cross a moat.

Watch something intelligent

We have all found ourselves on Funny or Die, College Humor, or Hulu.  However, if you want to watch something that might actually inspire you, try TED Talks and hear from the world’s greatest thinkers.  The one above is a favorite of mine by Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Look at pretty things and claim them as your own


I am in love with Pinterest and use boards for everything from Halloween to sharing ideas for my sister’s wedding.  I love to go on and see what other people have been pinning and Pinterest definitely provides some visual inspiration. Feel free to follow me.

Eat something weird

spicy curry pastry from sunrise mart I just ate a Spicy Curry Pastry from Sunrise Mart in SoHo.  It was weird and changed my perception of pastries forever. I actually don’t know how I feel about it…I’m not sure if I’m more inspired or frightened.  However, changing perceptions and schemas breaks boundaries and enhances creativity, so go to your nearest Asian supermarket and get something with fancy packaging and curious flavors.

What do you do to get inspired?

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