Life Last Week: First Week of October

Five Goals for October
Original photo from Darren Lehane

I hope I’m not alone in saying I’m shocked it’s already in October.  However, the weather seems to keep changing its mind.  Yesterday my friend Marny had a potluck picnic in Hudson River Park; she lucked out in getting 80 degree weather. My roommate Steph and I also made goals for October after going to Hot Bird one night and deciding we needed positivity and change in our outlook.  For me that usually means doing things for other people, such as my now bi-weekly habit of bringing baked goods to the office. Last week also brought a Ted Leo sighting and getting my post on Contently Starting A Company Blog: Tumblr or WordPress?  For me this week includes completing a long to-do list along with speaking at Hofstra about post-grad life, hearing Jeffrey Eugenides talk about his new book “The Marriage Plot”, and hopefully taking a Skillshare class “First steps in Music Production using Logic.”

Have a good week y’all 

Fyeah Ted Leo at The L Magazine Music Now Summit
Chocolate Chip Banana Mini Muffins (click for recipe)
Steph Leke, Emily Miethner, Marny Smith and I at Hudson River Park
Why is it so hard to sit properly in a skirt?
sunset, hudson river park, new york, october
Sunset at Hudson River Park

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