My Favorite Things #9 – The Rugby Tweed Run Edition

Yes, I love The Ramones, wore safety pins on my Catholic high school uniform, and have gone to Pitchfork Music Festival four times in five years, but I love Rugby.  They happen to be a client of 360i, but my love for them had started long ago.  Based on a discovery this morning,  my favorite things this week are all about The Rugy Tweed Run, a “metropolitan bicycle ride with a bit of style.”  Sharing them now will only further fuel the fire. 

Though I missed the registration for the actual race, Rugby made sure to provide enough content to keep other procrastinators engaged.  The dedicated Rugby Tweed Run Page is a great example of leveraging content to support a brand initiative.  I can’t wait to stalk some swanky bikers on October 15th.

The Tweed Run Promo Video

Presenting the Rugby Ralph Lauren Tweed Run from RugbyRalphLauren on Vimeo.

The adorable Tweed Run collection for ladies

Rugby Birdseye Sleeveless Dress

The Modern Ladies’ Guide to Cycling

Rugby Tweed Run Bike by Pashley

Rugby Ralph Lauren and Pashley Limited Edition Bike from RugbyRalphLauren on Vimeo.

An Introduction to Tea

Happy Reb.

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