The Opportunity in Doomsday/Hurricane Irene

props to Nicole Hering for finding this gem.

I cannot be the first to ask this, but what the flip is going on this week?  First, an earthquake rocked the East Coast and had me panicking about all of my friends and family in the Mid-Atlantic region, then a co-worker spent a stint in the ER, work was particularly stressful, I just recovered from losing my phone and wallet in the same weekend, my bank thought I was another person, one of my close friends found out her father is very sick and will probably not get better, another found out friends from home both got in terrible accidents, and now we have flipping Hurricane Irene approaching this weekend. Everyone I have talked to had a lousy week and had weekend plans ruined because of the impending hurricane.  What is the deal?

Everyone is freaking out about the hurricane.  I freaked out too.  I went to the grocery store last night and bought chips, marinara sauce, black beans, and Blue Moon.  I don’t know what kind of meal I was planning on making when I bought such things.  I woke up extra early today to get to Target at 8 am so I can buy water.  I’m staring at the 24-bottle package and wondering if that can last me for three days.  Both the roommates are gone this week, so I will be going solo when holding down the Bed-Stuy fort.  Things are kind of sh**** and it’s easy to see how maybe the world is falling apart.

However, many things have happened lately that are good, such as officially becoming a blogger for Contently with this post and my company making Advertising Age’s “Best Places to Work” List.  Such successes  I’m very proud of, but fail to compare with the fact that an uncontrollable forces has the ultimate control on my life.

No matter how we try to plan life out, something unexpected comes up and we have to prepare for it and act in the most rational way.  This is easier said than done.  At times like these, I can’t help but want to just take a break and think about what is most important to me. I don’t have a chance to do that too often – so thanks Irene.

While I was initially freaking out, I trying to make lemonade out of lemons again and think about what this weekend promises: limited connectivity to the outside world, chance of losing electricity and staying in my apartment all weekend –   awesome. There is a lot I want to do outside of emails and social networking: catching up on reading, writing, sketching, rearranging the apartment so we are following Feng Sui.  Now might finally be the chance.  Also – the best inspiration comes from isolation, and I can say I haven’t been inspired to do much the past few weeks (are you every really alone in NYC?)

So here is where I am spending the weekend:

Except instead of coffee from a French press, it might be a Blue Moon.
I’m going to run to the Trader Joe’s Wine Shop to see if there is anything left – wish me luck.

And make sure to be safe this weekend!

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