Awesome Social Stuff – Week of 8.15 – 8.19

Floppy Portrait by Nick Gentry


Scanapalooza: QR Codes
What it is
An infographic depicting how people are interacting with QR codes.

Why it matters
Though QR codes have been used for almost a year, they are gaining popularity and starting to appear everywhere from advertisements to museum exhibits.  Based on the research used for this infographic, 42% of people know what a QR code is. Of that percentage, 67% have scanned them.  Now that QR codes are becoming more recognized, it opens the possibilities to connect digitally with consumers in real life, whether incorporating them on the packaging, advertisement or live events.

Some fun facts about Instagram #infographic
What it is
An infographic on the increasing popularity of Instagram, a photo taking and sharing iPhone app.

Why it matters
Launched last October, Instagram currently has over 7 million users worldwide and over 150 million photos uploaded.  The growing popularity and visual appeal of Instagram has caught the attention of major fashion brands such as Burberry and Levi’s Brazil.  However, while it is popular enough that iPhone users are willing to download it, about 37% of users have never uploaded a photo.  Other photo sharing apps have also emerged in the past year along with existing networks, such as Pinterest, providing the ability to share photos on-the-go.  When planning for next year, it will be safe to assume that photo sharing will remain popular and should be accounted for in strategic planning.

Emerging Trends

HOW TO: Build Your Brand on Tumblr
What it is
A guide on how to approach Tumblr as a brand.

Why it matters
The microblogging platform has been growing steadily worldwide and has been adopted by brands as an additional community.  The nature of Tumblr allows the user to create their experience however they want, providing the opportunity to share content with users in a different manner from Twitter or Facebook.

Sincerely Launching An iOS Photo App Monetization Platform: Picture Printing For All
What it is
The developers of Postagram, which allows you to instantly print and ship Instagram photos right from web or iPhone, launched Ship Library for iOS, which allows developers to enabling printing within a photo app and use it as an monetization platform.

Why it matters
Photo apps are gaining popularity, but there have been few examples of monetization or real world integrated, such as what Postagram provides by allowing users to print their Instagram photos.

Inspiring Projects

The LivingSocial Taxi

What it is
Spoofing off of “Cash Cab,” LivingSocial took cab riders on experiences to see the wide range of deals available on the site.

Why it matters
Everyone is aware of the daily deals available on LivingSocial, but seeing other people enjoy the activities available concretizes the idea that LivingSocial provides “total experiences that bring an adventurous, loyal new following to local businesses.”

Floppy Portraits by Nick Gentry
What it is
Painter Nick Gentry wants to use old media forms such as the floppy disks to create portraits to show “the sociological impact of the new internet culture.”

Why it matters
These paintings create an interesting connection to the media. As Ricardo Hernandez says in the article, it makes one question the information stored on the floppy disks and if it relates back to the person who created the portrait.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to create an installation using a collection of QR codes or flash drives that spectators could take and have an interactive experience?

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