A Few Of My Favorite Things #7

The past few days were full of epic failure, including losing my phone at the worst possible time: during the weekend when finding public transit directions with Google Maps in the blink of an eye is a method of survival.  However, when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, and losing my Blackberry Curve (lame) allowed me to the chance to drop some dough on a Droid X2 (awesome) – the same phone as Emily Miethner interestingly enough.  It’s the start of a new week and positivity is contagious, so here are some of my favorite things lately:

My custom business cards from an About.me + Moo Card offer.
Everyone is impressed by the QR code and the irony of having one of my paintings “Typewriter” on the back.

This website The Man’s Guide to Love promises “Real advice. Man to man. Seven Days a Week.”
The site itself has a beautiful interface that showcases all of the video testimonials themselves.  It reminds me of my Tumblr theme as well.  Loy and Ryan (below) are an adorable couple and both capture my thoughts on love as well: it takes effort to love someone and the person you end up with is still a “special friend” at the core.

The Man’s Guide To Love #366 from themansguidetolove on Vimeo.

That Alfred Hitchcock directed a movie called “Rebecca” in 1940.
That’s right guys: “the most glamorous woman of all time.” I also love how I found this out Saturday night – as a dude’s opening line once he found out my name.

NY Creative Intern’s Next Event “Start Something: Why Every Creative Needs To Be An Entrepreneur” at The New School
This event is going to be great! Confirmed speakers so far are, Lauren Leto, Co-Founder of Texts from Last Night, Laurel Touby, Founder of  Mediabistro, and Audacia Ray, Founder of  The Red Umbrella Project     RSVP here!

Jenna Marbles might be one of the funniest girls online right now.
Funny to the point of being obnoxious, I think I found my alter-ego personified. I tried to find the most appropriate one for this blog  – be prepared for some F-bombs and graphic content.

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