What This Week’s Events Taught Me About Good vs. Evil

I escaped from the world (a.k.a went to rural Michigan for a week) and the world goes nuts.


The stock market fluctuating all week:
Every time I opened an email from the Wall Street Journal, I had to prepare for my heart to flip flop.  The stock market played games with my heart all week, but I still think things will turn out okay – and that a heart attack is not in my future.


A depiction of a hooker, let alone a hooker from the 1940’s, and the use of the word “stox” makes me feel ashamed and dirty all at once.


Londoners use Facebook and Twitter to mobilize riot cleanup.  YAY SOCIAL MEDIA!


London Rioters used Blackberry Messenger to organize their rioting, looting, and burning of McDonald’s (Good?). Just another reason to hate on Blackberry (and make me feel ashamed for owning one).


Independent musicians actually stand up for themselves and say they want to be paid for their music.  Mode Records, a contemporary classical and jazz label, soon voiced its criticism as well in a blog post by label owner Brian Brandt. “If one cares about music, then you should support the artists and labels you like: buy a real CD, or buy the album or track from someone like iTunes,” he said. “While the major labels and pop music may be able to reap a real income stream from Spotify simply due to the sheer volume of streams, the Spotify model is not financially sustainable for any indie niche label.” via Mashable “Spotify to Indie Labels: We’re an “Alternative to Piracy.”


Spotify saying “tsk tsk” to Century Media, a heavy metal and hardcore label group who pulled out of Spotify this week “to protect the interests of their artists,” according to Hypebot. “We are sorry that Century Media have opted not to offer its music to their fans through Spotify. Spotify has one of the biggest music libraries in the world — of over 15 million tracks — and is committed to offering our users the widest possible selection of music across artists and genres from around the world.” a.k.a. you struggling musicians should be GRATEFUL to be on Spotify.


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