Off to the Midwest for Sister’s Wedding

Despite my flight from La Guardia to Midway being three hours delayed, an incredibly busy day of work yesterday, and sitting in the backseat of  car for a two hour drive with a wedding dress pouffier than I imagined, I’m finally in Michigan for my sister’s Theresa’s wedding.

There was a thunderstorm last night and the server went down, so after driving up here, I made the request to do some last-minute writing and emailing at Stephie’s, the nearest coffee shop with free Wi-fi. I’m not sure what town I’m in now (am I in a town if a corn field is next to me?) but the owners were nice enough to let me stay until they left for the day. My sister and mom went “downtown” to find ribbon and some other last-minute details.

The next few days will include no Internet, no emailing, and no need to constantly tweet or check-in. About time. Nothing feels better than feeling disconnected for a bit, especially for an exciting occasion such as this. I’m looking forward to days filled with card playing, Yuengling drinking, and having to stand pretty in my bridesmaid dress for pictures.

Btw – the cottage we are staying at is adorable and all of the guests are 3/4 family and hilarious – so expect awesome pictures next week!

Have a great week!

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