Advice From My Parents

My parents are fascinating people.  They grew up on opposite sides of South Dakota, married at a young age and had four daughters who are all equally ambitious, level-headed and stubborn.  As of two years ago, they are currently empty nesters a.k.a. in the prime of their life hitting the social scene of Newark, DE while working together on their own business.  Married for over thirty years, they seem to have evolved into one person – which I guess is the point of marriage in the first place.

In our conversation last night (with me wishing my dad a Happy Father’s Day) we talked about the SNL finale with Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga (my dad is a huge fan of the latter, probably because she reminds him of Madonna), how Subway added avocado to their menu, grad school, how you don’t need a  stud finder when hanging bookshelves and that all men are scum.  The “all men of scum” phrase has been repeated in our household since my oldest sister Theresa began to be interested in boys (she was 13, I was 8.  The reason  I have an “old soul” is because I experienced certain milestones five years before I needed to).   I think they will stop telling Theresa that all men are scum only after she gets married this August.

Throughout the years, my parents have shared many truisms with myself and my sisters, which I believe other people can profit from them.  All of these screen grabs encapsulate what it’s like to have a conversation with my parents over GChat an hour before their bedtime:

Three hours of sailing will add three years to your life.

You can buy good wine at Costco.

Once you realize someone is taking pictures, act it up.

Try your best to be a “Webster” (You know why they call me Webster? Look at this definition!)

Get lots of sleep.


Hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day yesterday!


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