Awesome Social Stuff – Week of 6.13 – 6.17.11

Keilantra's Kreations

New Startups
Meet the Yelp for Packaged Goods (Consmr)

What it is

CPG-Focused site pushes reviews for everyday products with check-ins.  Essentially, a social network for packaged goods with a mobile product in the works.

Why it matters

Packaged goods is now a $12 billion business in e-commerce but checking in to packaged goods is nothing new. Brands have had consumers scan barcodes in order to show they are holding the product in their hand. Many CPG brands are launching their own commerce platforms, such as Procter & Gamble Co.’s new Facebook commerce platform.

Interesting Campaigns

Whopper Lust

What it is

DirecTV channel 111 is airing endless footage of a spinning Whopper. If you watch for five minutes, you get a free Whopper. Watch for 10 minutes, and you get two free Whoppers. And so on. You have to pay attention, not just leave the station on—you must respond to occasional prompts, or you lose. The promotion has already given away 50,000 Whoppers this week.

Why it matters

Proof that consumers would do anything to get a free Whopper.  By creating a challenge, the consumer feels that the free product is a reward.

Interesting Stats

Facebook Sees Big Traffic Drops in US and Canada as It Nears 700 Million Users Worldwide

That Story About How Facebook Lost Users In May Was A Bunch Of Crap

What it is

Facebook reported that in May, the United States lost nearly 6 million users, falling from 155.2 million at the start of May to 149.4 million at the end of it, saying this is the first time the country has lost users in the past year. However, according to ComScore, Nielsen, and Compete, the number of US Facebook users grew in May, following a loss in April. The report was based on data that Facebook produces for its advertisers. This data, says a source at Facebook, does not include mobile usage, which is one reason why the data understated Facebook’s US usage. There are more than 250 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.

Why it matters

As more of the world’s population joins Facebook, it is inevitable that growth will slow.  Facebook is still gaining new users in the US every month, but doing so at a slower rate. If the company wants to continue growing at a rapid pace, it will have to come from increased engagement i.e. existing users using the service more intensely.

Cool New Technologies

KinectShop: The Next Generation Of Shopping

What it is

A new augmented reality shopping platform for Xbox Kinect “KinectShop” exploits the system’s new finger-recognition technology to allow shoppers to grab items from an unlimited shelf of clothes, see how accessories look at multiple angles, and share the photos with friends on Twitter and Facebook for a quick thumbs-up or down.

Why it matters
More frequently, shoppers use the comforts of home (Xbox Kinect, online browsing) to make their shopping decisions before they leave for the store. The more integrated the digital experience is with real-life shopping, the bigger opportunity brands have to get on the shopping list early.


What it is

Kliyo (still in beta but launching soon) helps you collect your memories in one simple place, so you can explore and celebrate them like never before. Kliyo brings your social networks together, allowing you to capture, share and celebrate memories.

Why it matters

As the Kliyo team says “You’re living your life online. Every tweet, every photo, every status, every check-in you share: they’re more than fleeting moments. They’re your memories.”  By using social networks, we are capturing our lives one day at a time, but no matter what, we want to look at the mark we have made.

Other Good Reads

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