Webutante Ball 2011 – Need to Learn to Pose Properly

On Tuesday Night I went to the Webutante Ball (courtesy of TechivesGiveBack) with my co-worker Tracy Fay, Community Manager at 360i and blogger at Modern Urban Living.  We shared a car with Tracy’s friend  Shannon Mechutan, TV producer, documentary filmmaker and blogger for Modern Urban Baby.

Took a few pictures with Diane Levine some of the ladies of NY Creative Interns including Emily Miethner, Marny Smith and Jaime Hoerbelt – all bloggers and social media mavens in their own right.  Tina Yip is a networking extraordinar – she meets people easily and is not shy about learning about the social marketing industry.

There is nothing like the NY tech and social scene – it does feel a bit like high school (doesn’t everything?) where you learn who you should get to know so you can literally be in the “in crowd.”  Since I plan on attending more networking events, I guess I need to learn how to pose properly for the event pictures the next day.

Dress: Rampage ($10 off of Macy’s clearance rack at the age of 17)
Necklace: Forever 21 ($6)
Shoes: Chelsea Crew ($49.95 from Shoegasm)

That’s how I do fashion.

Goddamn bangs, why won’t you grow faster?

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