“I Can’t Quit You” – Why I’m Blogging Again

Photo Courtesy of Matt Lettini http://bit.ly/k8dsQF


After somewhat of a hiatus, I’m blogging again.  May 16th, the date I graduated from Hofstra last year, came and went.  On May 22nd this year I watched from the bleachers as my boyfriend Bill walked across the same stage I did a year ago.  Hours before, I had to take a pair of scissors to the sleeves of his gown because in his true fashion, he never ordered his cap and gown like he was supposed to and had to use what was left over.  They must have given him a gown from the grad school graduation, because his sleeves made him look like Gandalf the Grey.

I realized that a year had flown by since I finished school and I got caught up in the whirlwind of post-collegiate life where the entry-level job, bills, and the drama-rama of relationships made me push aside the things I love to do.  When I would write, nothing was more gratifying than someone saying they loved reading what I wrote.  During my job search last summer, I was offered interviews for dream jobs based on my blog and what I wrote about.  Just posting an essay about Joshua Davis  caught the attention of the artist himself and I was invited to his studio.

Having a blog is scary because you are creating something that is a direct reflection of yourself.  Having a blog is awesome because it’s a direct reflection of yourself that may not always come across in a resume, note, or first impression.  It’s your viewpoint and your perception of the world – and how well you try to have your readers understand it.  As much as I loathe/love her, Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere does a great job in creating a world where all that matters is wearing coral nail polish, making scones, and raiding thrift stores in her never-ending quest to decorate her beautiful house.  As trite as it might appear, she is successful because every day, thousands of visitors are clicking on her site to escape and look at dessert plates.

I also realize that if I ever want to make all of my dreams come true, I need to be doing something NOW while I’m still young and spry.  Declaring to the world that I am blogging again as a way to keep track of all the success and opportunities in my life forces me to keep my word and make something of myself.

On a side note, if you are going to Internet Week, make sure to stop by NY Creative Interns’ panel “How to Survive Internet Week” at 4 pm Monday June 6th (TODAY!) at IWNY Headquarters!

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