New Site Design for MyNameIsReb

I’ve had it.  I needed a new blog design for MyNameIsReb that had a unique aesthetic, yet was minimalistic.  Here it is.Most blogs used the same Coraline WordPress theme from Automattic as I have for years.   Since graduating I have been evaluating my goals and what I am supposed to do with my time outside of work.  I have had a blog for three years and have barely made any changes to the theme.  During the spring of 2009, I used my blog as a way to get a job.  Now, I would rather have something that lives online be an accurate reflection of myself now.  I’m not a student hoping I get a job, period, let alone in the field of her choice.  I’m social media enthusiast/baker/blogger/amateur dj/Brooklyn resident/artist/nerd and it’s about time my blog reflected it.

WordPress Feed + Tumblr Theme

I decided to combine my favorite features of Tumblr with the flexibility to do long-form blogging with WordPress.  I’m using the Tumblr theme Ultraboard by Michel Dacruz.  I also am importing the RSS feed from WordPress so each blog post will be including as a Tumblr post.

Sharing Links An Easy Way –

Before I would include pages that had my work experience and conferences.  I would also attempt to list every link to every social network I had.  To minimize, I use as one central place to have links for my LinkedIn, Foursquare page, etc.

For Everyone

The idea is that I don’t have to make a blog that only pertains to just the people in social media or my business colleagues or friends or people who want to see my art, etc.  After all, most of the people I know fit in all those categories.  I also love how Streampad plays all the music I share on Tumblr.


Changing my blog has been on my To Do list for months and I’m glad I finally set it up.  Hopefully this will be a start of checking off more To Do’s

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