New Year’s Resolutions – 2011

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When sitting down to write this morning, I reread the entry I wrote this time last year “So This Is the New Year….“, back when I was on a kick of writing song lyrics as entry titles.  As I read and listen to the voice of my younger self, it reminds me again how I am happy I started this blog years ago.  If nothing else, it serves to help me look back and reflect on how I have grown as a person.  I have also learned since then that writing your blog entry title based on a Death Cab for Cutie song is not a recommended SEO plan.

Looking back on my resolutions, I did eat more veggies and kick my coffee habit and I definitely called my mom more frequently (post-grad identity crisis).  However, another resolution did stuck out: I wanted to organize “everything to a T (rekindling my romance with office supplies)  in order to make my existing responsibilities easier, not to make room for other goals.”

My responsibilities back then including an internship at IFC, PRestige Agency, working at Long Island Children’s Museum, school, searching for a job, and trying to figure out when this guy would stop asking me out for coffee.  Back then I had to ignore other passions I wanted to pursue in order to reach my goal of graduating and getting a job.  A year later I graduated with honors, have an amazing job, and spent New Year’s Eve in Boston with my boyfriend.

Life is very different only because in post-grad life, your goals can be less immediate (pass the final, get into Honors College, graduate, job).  The idea back then was that I should be focusing on my current responsibilities and not make room for other goals. How silly.  Most people I talk to say that if you want to be successful, you must constantly evaluate what you do, come up with new ideas and figure out what is worth pursuing.  As of now I’m wondering how to manage all the passions are worth pursuing after my 9pm – 6pm gig: NY Creative Interns, music, this blog, possibly opening an Etsy store, schmoozing my way into the NYC Arts Scene, grad school.  Hopefully on this day in 2012, I will figure it out a little more.

And so, I leave you the same final word as last y ear:

“The prospect of another start to a New Year means so much! Get new music, buy a new book (an AGENDA BOOK!!!), follow me on Twitter or Tumblr, read all the “End of the Year” music reviews your friends and Pitchfork posted, read more serious “Best of 2009″ [2010] and “Best of the Decade” lists that every “legitimate” news source  is coming out with, rearrange your Chrismahanukwanza gifts, message all the friends/family you reunited with over the holidays.  It’s time to start over, and keep doing whatever wonderful things you are doing.”

Happy New Year

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