MyNameIsReb at #CMMeetup in Etsy Dumbo Offices

On Tuesday I went to my first Community Managers Meetup with Emily Miethner, which was held in the Etsy Offices located in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  If you haven’t heard yet, Etsy is a fast growing online marketplace for handmade crafts, art, and vintage.  Emily had attended a few CMMeetup’s before, but I jumped at this one because I LOVE Etsy.  For one, their office is one of the best I’ve seen.  I think they have a brilliant business model AND I love their Etsy Gift Ideas for Facebook Friends. Just select one of your Facebook friends and Etsy will give gift suggestions based on your friend’s likes and interests.  While it’s not always accurate, I still use it to get gift ideas (finally, a plus to being friends with my family on Facebook).


My favorite part of this Community Managers Meetup was when we got to sit down and work on a craft.  The challenge was to ask our community (Twitter) “What does community mean to you?” and then make a craft with their answer.  Fair Folks & a Goat replied first, saying community was “Like-minded people coming together; security, comfort, familiarity; people making an effort and demonstrating support.”  So from that – I made this! The thought bubble shared by all three figures contain tweets with some of the Top Twitter Trends of 2010 (which I read earlier that day).  The three figures are working together to build a Lincoln Log tower.

Overall, I had a great time and was able to meet other NYC-based community managers.  At times, while people were talking about new platforms and third party applications for Twitter, I was reminded of when indie music afficianados get together and try to top the last band named; “oh yeah? well have you heard about the Curious Cats?  So underground, their music hasn’t been recorded yet.”

Check out photos below – sorry about the terrible quality (oh Blackberry….).

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