NY Creative Interns Kickoff Meetup is TONIGHT!

NY Creative Interns Kickoff Event

What happened to fall?  It seemed like it was just September when Emily Miethner said we both needed to stop just TALKING about our idea for NY Creative Interns and actually make it happen. Now here we are, the day of the Kickoff Meetup, and though I’m working on getting my voice back (gosh darn cold) and figuring out where I can get a dry erase board, I have to say that for Emily’s pipe dream of creating NY Creative Interns, it’s taking off.

115 friends like NY Creative Interns on Facebook

217 socialites joined NY Creative Interns Meetup

163 people RSVP’ed for NY Creative Interns Kickoff Meetup #nyci1210

20+ companies will be represented, including:

Real Simple Magazine
Netted by the Webbys
Universal Record Database
Time Inc
Community Lab
eFlirt Expert
V Bespoke
Kantar Media
Art + Culture Editions

Not bad, eh?

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