Zenhabits – the blog that will change your life

My friend Jess told me about Zenhabits.net over lunch last week.  Rated as one of the top 25 Best Blogs of 2010 according to TIME, Zenhabits is about “finding the simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives.” Blogger Leo Babauta writes one to two articles a week on topics ranging from accomplishing your goals, health & fitness, and living in the moment.

Through all my reading lately, the consensus is that constant connectivity and information overload has made it more difficult to focus and relax in a society where our brains can’t handle the high levels of stimulation we receive every day.
All last week I have been reading articles on Zenhabits and decided to test myself on trying a few “habits” out.

A lot of the suggestions Babauta writes about are habits I had in high school and early in college.  I was a superstar at organizing my time, being prepared, and having time to read, write, and sketch.  Later on in college when I started interning and taking my career more seriously, there was too much stress and too much to do to worry about little daily habits that can really change you routine.

I’m deciding to start small.  After reading the following entries “My Morning Routine”, “Purpose Your Day: Most Important Task (MIT)”, and “Jumpstart your day (the night before) – an evening routine,” , I’m starting a few daily habits that will hopefully have a big effect in my life overall.

1 – Wake up early, at the same time, on weekdays.

2 – Figure out what I need to do today (just three things) and make sure they get done as soon as possible.

3 – Compartmentalize – I hate when I waste time procrastinating and just click through different Facebook profiles and blogs.  I want to get in the habit of just getting important things done first and then have more time to work on more altruistic goals.

4 – Prepare for the next day: checking the calendar, packing things up, scheduling out the day.

5 – Make time in the day to read/write/sketch.  Everything I have been reading says to take a break from screens and social networks and have time for creative solitude.  Also, I think about everyone I know who is older who wishes they kept up with a skill or hobby they loved to do and it makes me want to keep practicing what I enjoy and told I’m good at.

So far? Waking up early is hard, especially when you are up late the night before, and sometimes a random turn of events will make your to do list a last priority, but on days I get it right – I get it so right.

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