NY Creative Interns – Make Sure You Pay It Forward

For a second, I imagined life after college like a mini vacation – I would come home from a productive day of work, cook a beautiful dinner, go out and see friends, have time to read, etc.  However, there are people out there who can’t sit still a second – and I’m one of those fidgety people.

Emily Miethner and I met on the first day of Ultimate Frisbee practice at Hofstra University a little over four years ago.  She and I both spent college involved with extracurricular activities, starting our own clubs, and interning at as many places as we could.  We spent last spring riding the LIRR to our internships in Manhattan (her Time Out New York, me Independent Film Channel) talking about searching for a job, WordPress, and the perfect template for a resume.  We both had the same plan after graduation – stay in New York and go to every network event, freelance meeting, and interview we could.

Emily now works as Social Media Marketing Coordinator at Sterling Publishing and I’m a Social Marketing Coordinator at 360i.  However, we both can’t sit still after work.

So that’s why we created NY Creative Interns and it’s monthly meetups.  Our goal is to bring together college students and recent grads to connect them with inspiring creative professionals and companies. These meetups aim to cut down the time and trouble it takes companies to find a good intern.

We have our first meetup already planned at Wix Lounge on Thursday December 9th at 7 pm.  If you are looking for an internship or an intern, RSVP here.  It should be a glorious time – check our meetup for future details.

Along with NY Creative Interns’ meetups, we also launched our blog. I wrote my first entry today: 10 Tips to Find an Internship – Crazy Enough to Work.

It is a little strange that I was still interning just up until a few months ago and here I am, writing and giving advice on what to do.  Frankly, there aren’t too many resources to find an internship today in this economy.  However, advice from people who have “been in the trenches” recently and came out successful is priceless.  If you are proud of the career you have, nothing is more rewarding than “paying it forward” – which is why you should attend NY Creative Interns meetups and find your future prodigy.

Tips, intern spotlights, company profiles, and more!

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