Where is my mind? While on the commute #1

The following queries are things I have been thinking/wondering about today.  If you can answer any, leave it in the comments section.

Can you really trust a recommendation?  I have been through Yelp a couple of times the past few weeks looking for restaurants.  Ratings for one place can vary from 2 to 4 stars.  A friend can rave about somewhere, but on Yelp the ratings are only 3 stars.  Can you trust these random reviews from people of varying taste and preferences?  Everyone talks about how the ability to share tips and reviews on Foursquare, Yelp, etc. is a great attribute of social media.  However, when there are so many reviews out there by an infinite amount of people, is it best that I just go by my gut and try something despite it’s 3.5 rating – since you never know?  How can marketers/business owners ensure that when reviews are made about their product, other consumers will take them seriously? What process do you go through about making a choice of where to dine/shop/buy?

Where does social media fall into the mix of public relations, marketing, and advertising?  If the discussion of how to measure and price pr efforts has never been solved, will we figure it out with social media?  Will there be a norm in ten years?  Or will some other “media” be introduced we aren’t even aware of?  What about this business with artificial intelligence and singularity?  Will we sit on the couch all day and “think” messages to one another?

In other parts of the world besides NYC, does it make sense to buy a pitcher of margaritas for $45? (The Frying Pan) Is the view and the fact you are on a boat worth it?  I, and I am sure more of you, have had a beer on a boat fo free.

Has music become better, worse, or more advanced and involved?  Do only “advanced” people understand today’s music?  Should “hype” bands driven by clever marketing be compared to bands that have gained fame from fan support alone? Are they two different, incomparable sections?  Apples and oranges?  Apples are good for your health, but oranges are delicious for some people, and deadly to those who don’t like citrus.  Is manufactured and marketed music “the apple” and indie/underground/hype machine music “the orange”?

Isn’t success in the eye of the beholder? If some one sets certain goals for their career and they meet them, can anyone else say that they are not successful?  Are you expected to have certain behaviors based on your industry (marketing, medical, legal) or based on location (NYC, San Francisco, Bumble Arkansas)?  Do you measure your own success based on your goals or what people expect from you based on some norm?

Why is it so difficult to find clothing to fit your 5’8″ normal body in a world that manufactures affordable clothing for some one who is 5’4″?  Did women deal with this twenty years ago?  Did more women know how to tailor their own clothing?  Should I find a tailor?  I always felt only male big shots on Wall Street went to a tailor.

How long can I still B A PYT? 4 eva?

Thank you for reading this.  Good-bye.  You’re swell.  Enjoy the last week of summer.

Beach House \”Walk in the Park\”

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