When your friends get on the Pitchfork Forkcast…

For months my friends Matt Buszko and Anthony Gerbino have been recluses in their small walk-up apartment on Long Island working on their “music” – and it paid off.

You get to a certain point in your life (myself as an example – 22) when most of your friends with any musical inclination (or even lacking of) have attempted to work on their “music”.  Everyone has had a group of friends who have essentially been in the same band for five years, but just recycle one member for each new project (usually the bassist).  And forget people who are the ones “writing” the “beats” – it’s been said time and time again that anyone can be a music producer if they have a MacBook.

However – my friends are more talented than your friends. The difference? My friends lock themselves in their apartments all weekend, nap from 8 pm – 12 am and then get to work, take on any and every opportunity just to keep practicing their passion, and make it a priority that everything they produce has their stamp of approval.   They have four needs: eating, sleeping, breathing, and music (never in that same order).

I love this track and can’t wait for their EP.  Guys – get to work!

Sunvisor “Sky Dive”– featured on Pitchfork Forkcast 5/25/10
Sunvisor – Sky Dive by Nialler9

“Matt Buszko and Anthony Gerbino make up the NYC synth-pop duo Sunvisor. The pair have an EP out later this year; for now, they have one track to their name, the airy, hypnotic “Sky Dive”. (via Pitchfork Forkcast via The Road Goes Ever On)

I plan on posting more of my friends’ music projects in the future because they are so friggin’ talented gosh darn it.

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