Evan Roth: Bad Ass Mother Fucker

Google "Bad Ass Mother Fucker" and you'll find Evan Roth

Today we Hofstra New Media students had the pleasure of having Evan Roth come speak to us about his work, his belief in open/free culture, and being a bad ass mother fucker.  He spoke about his fascination with remix culture (a society that allows others to improve upon, change, integrate, or otherwise remix the work of copyright holders) and the importance of an open source community (most of Evan’s projects offer a free source code for others).

Some takeaways:

think “Free as in freedom, not free as in free beer” – Richard Stallman ~ especially pertinent when thinking about the distribution of free content in today’s media.

to hack: “small interventions that alter large systems” – be disruptive ~ this relates well to my Honors Project  “Google How to Be Disruptive”.  I’m placing the slides up this weekend.

“good projects take a year, great projects take a weekend” – I talked to Roth about this afterward.  He explained that he thought it better to “think smart” instead of “hard”.  When it comes to time management, I agree that one can’t sit on an idea – you have to hold on to the momentum of a brilliant idea and see it through.

“publish every day” – when timeliness equals relevance, it’s necessary to publish content as soon as possible.  When you have an original idea, the sooner you publish it, the sooner you have “idea right”

In terms of becoming relevant online, there are three important traits you need: Sincerity, Style, and Timeliness

For more tips, check out 11 Rules for Getting Famous on the Internet. This is a blog for Evan Roth’s Parsons Paris “Viral Media for Viral Artists” class.

Be sure to check out Evan Roth’s unforgettable projects such as LED Throwies, Jay -Z’s “Brooklyn Go Hard”, and Graffiti Analysis 2.0.

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