One of my favorite things now

Retrospective of Marina Abramovic at MOMA “The Artist is Present”

The exhibit is a performance retrospective of a span of four decades of the career of Marina Abramovic, “the grandmother of performance art”.  My friend and I explored the fifty different works after investigating the Tim Burton exhibit (get your tickets now, there are only two weeks left and they are selling fast) and I had a post-modern moment when I recognized “The House with the Ocean View”.  Abramovic had spent twelve days without food and water in a loft-like structure, confined by ladders made of butcher knives.  I am ashamed that this moment of recognition was from an episode of Sex and the City when they reenacted it.  A common theme in Abramovic’s career is the idea of manipulating one’s energy field and having visitors take in the experience.  Throughout the duration of the exhibit, Marina is taking on another performance project.  She sits in one of two chairs on one side of a table and invites MOMA visitors to sit across from her, staring into her eyes, not speaking, all the while sharing her energy field.  This exhibit is not for the faint of heart, but definitely those who like to shock their out of town friends with stories of exhibits “only in New York.”

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