CMJ – “Fleet Foxes Can Suck It”

A few lessons learned about CMJ:

  1. Bands never start on time
  2. Bands can’t believe they are there either
  3. New Yorkers of LES are one of the most passive audiences.
  4. Use the earplugs they give you in the CMJ Bag.

Amazingly enough, all the bands I saw were amazing.  AMAZING amazing.  Listen to them now – after you finish looking at these pictures.

  1. Terry Poison – Accidentally saw them rehersing in DROM.  This was before the Brooklyn Bodega showcase and I was def the only young white female there. “Gloriously sleazy, outlandishly dressed quintet mix electro beats with rock guitars.” (CMJ)Terry Poison
  2. Bodega Girls – Pianos was nowhere near large enough for the proper dancing required.  “These guys make everyone dance with their funky, hedonistic electrotrash.” (CMJ)  Face painting always wins as well.Bodega Girls
  3. Drink Up Buttercup – You have to love Philly bands with balls.  The guitarist broke is string halfway through and while waiting for a new guitar, the group took their maracas and trash can lid and finished the song acapella + stomping.  “Psychedelic without being cheesy, this bands sound like a sinister carnival.” (CMJ) They’ll be doing an acoustic set at the CMJ Happy Hour at Brooklyn Brewery tomorrow.  drink up buttercup
  4. BEAST – I was a little early when I went to Arlene’s Grocery, but though I only caught 1.5 songs I was intrigued.  “Punk rock swagger, trip-hop beats, and vocals delivered with the sting of slam poetry.” (CMJ)BEAST
  5. Think About Life – AHH! I can’t get over how good they were!  When first looking at this motley crew you wonder how they all were introduced.  What you get is a unique blend of retro sounding vocals mixed in with awkward/awesome dancing and electronic hooks. “The kind of lo-fi, funky dance party that occurs when a punk band learns how to use a synth.” (CMJ)  Listen to them, love them, feel young again.  Think About Life
  6. Mumford & Sons – Fleetwood Foxes can suck it.  This band fromthe UK…..(sigh)…too wonderful.  The lead vocalist had me welling up with tears during “White Blank Page” – for serious, I can’t pretend to be pretentiously apathetic.  “Rural-sounding stripped down acoustic folk inspired rock” (CMJ) – from the UK…that’s what I can’t get over.  Mumford & Sons
  7. Bear Hands – The lead singer looks like a grimier version of my friend Anthony.  That alone is a BIG win.  “Maniplated guitars create a solid wall behind aggressive, yelped vocals.” (CMJ)Bear Hands

As I sit here and type, I look longingly at my hand with all the admission stamps…and wish I was back there now.  Curses for being a college student.  More posts to follow about the “Being Your Own Label” panel and more glorious aritsts.  If I’m brave enough I will share my stories of the random ppl you come across at a music industry festival with 1,200 bands and many thousands coming from all over the world.

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