beerI would be a hypocrite if I didn’t live up to my own request.  This is the inside of my fridge at the moment, with Harvest Moon and Hornsby’s Hard Cider.  autumnal flavors at their best.  Friday afternoon I was walking out of my building and promoters for Illy Espresso were handing out cases of their new Espresso drink.  I was wearing pink tights and leather boots, and probably am their target demographic, so they gave me a case and asked me to pose with a can.  Me trying to kick my coffee addiction has obviously not been helped by this.  I am now a happy woman with my fridge stocked with essentials for fall.

While working in LICM’s Communications Office, I have been researching “mommy blogs”.  There are some f***ing disturbing material on mommy blogs.  Like this …a Childbirthing Education Doll that some one MADE.  Some one out there in the world THOUGHT this would be a cute idea and MADE it.  IT EXISTS.  I’m sorry for posting this photo.  It is disturbing.  My mother does this kind of crocheting but made cute animals for my sisters and I when growing up.  Now, I will never look at homemade crafts the same way again.  Ugh.  Click on the image to see more photos – including the baby with the umbilical cord attached.  GAH!  There are also a LOT of blogs about keeping sex alive after having kids.  While I agree that mommy bloggers are a powerful force to be reckoned with, after reading many I have reaffirmed the fact that I will not be mature enough to have children for a few years.

On a better note…guess who is going to CMJ?


I also had a pleasant little revelation last night as I was gallivanting in the LES and Brooklyn.  I use to have a habit of romanticizing a past I was never alive for.  The ’60s, Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory, speakeasies…..and then I realized that in the future, there will be people looking back and wishing they were living during this time.  Every young, alternative generation does the same thing – we work hard for the creative jobs we love, we aren’t so high maintenance that we wouldn’t drink the shitty beer once in a while, we will forego sleep and money to see a film/band/club/party/friends etc. amazing enough that will change our perception of life forever, we know that we won’t be around forever, so we take advantage of the time we have now.

which is how I’m convincing myself that I should forego sleep and money in order to see as much of CMJ as possible this week.

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