Cardigan Weather

I know it’s finally fall when I finally get to wear a winter coat.

Now that it’s fall, here are some guidelines to follow/goals to reach.

  1. Finally, a plus for living on Long Island.  Go apple/pumpkin picking either on Long Island or make the trek upstate.
  2. Start thinking abo ut your Halloween costume.  or costumeS.  Remember, Halloween is always colder than you remember.  And if you are planning on going to the Village Halloween Parade, think of you r costume extra carefully.
  3. Pumpkin fl avors are everywhere – Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, Dunkin’s Pumpkin Donut, grocery store brand muffins, beer(I recommend Brooklyn Brewery).  Savor it while you can.
  4. Just think about what the start of fall ACTUALLY means – the start of the holiday season.  Start planning gifts and preparing to be re- acquainted with family members.  Practice your patience now.
  5. We will be nearing the end of 2009 before you know it.  Are your resolutions ready?
  6. Wear a coat/scarf/hat/gloves when needed gahdamnit.  Your mother was right – you will catch a cold.
  7. Besides Halloween, another one of my favorite holidays is coming up – Dia de los Muertos! If you don’t know what it is – look it up gahdamnit.  Go to Fuego in Williamsburg to get your gear.  Say hi to the owner – he’s a dear old man.

One thought on “Cardigan Weather

  1. Pumpkin is the best thing ever.

    My advice for your costume for the parade in the city…

    1) pockets. Booze, keys, money, condoms, small children and pepper spray may all be needed at one point or another, its usefull if they are in one place

    2) warmth. Booze does not, in fact, make you warmer, it pushes heat out of your body. Wear something warm, you’ll be happier.

    3) shoes. Wear shoes you can walk in, not some stupid high heels that will hurt your feet the whole night and leave you bleeding.

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