…I am slowly going crazy.

Ugh. Whenever I go somewhere new, everything is exciting, glorious, and new again.  You reconnect with old friends, make new friends, feel out a daily routine, find a rhythm, fall in love with where you are living all over again.  However, it does grow old and monotonous after a while.  We are at that point right now.

I have been back on Long Island for school about a month and a half.  I should be grateful because everything has been going well despite facing my final year of school and having work overload – not to mention all the thoughts going through my head about growing up/ending school/finishing a chapter in the novel of my life.  And the fact that this weekend was the FIRST that has left a bitter taste in my mouth for the start of the week should leave me feeling even more grateful.  However, when you have lived/traveled in a few places, you can’t help but feel homesick for people and places you haven’t seen for a few months.

It’s also frustrating when one can go out of their way to stay out of other people’s business, yet find themselves wrapped up in conflict.  It simply makes me want to escape somewhere.  I was watching the latest episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, where they travel to Paris, this morning.  Watching them sit in a cafe drinking coffee (dare I admit it) made me a little teary eyed for Italy.  I would love to go back even for a day.  I have also never been to Paris and always wanted to, so maybe it was also jealousy I was feeling.

1219pictures 043To get out of this funk, I know I need to do something that is outside of myself.  I cannot sit around and dwell on the conflict in my own life.  I need to be constructive and productive for my own sake, so despite my limited funds, I am taking a trip into the city this weekend to do more than drink overpriced draft beer.  I need to see a new film/go to an art museum/take pictures/attend a gallery opening/sketch in Central Park/cook dinner/etc. etc.  If anyone wants to join and promises to be a good companion, you’re more than welcome.

P.S. Yo quiero practicar mi espanol.  ¿Me ayuda por favor? Necesito para encontrar los libros en español.

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