Outside There’s a Boxcar Waiting

I am content. Who knew that with a new found obsession with organization, this impulsive/ambitious self-expressionist with an affinity for getting flustered, can actually complete her to do list at the end of the day?

If there is one piece of advice I can spread onto others, it’s To Do Lists.  Write them, follow them, live by them.

All I can say is that for the past week there has been an extra pep in my step, tune in my head, and a smile showing up more often.  It’s due to an acknowledgment that yes, it’s awful to grow up.

The troubles of your youth are nothing compared to the issues you face now.  How I wish I could go back to the days when my biggest concern was if that strapping young lad in my psychology class noticed I wore blue today, which brings out the color of my eyes, and if he knew as much as I did how we were destined to get married and run off to a foreign country.

Poor Generation Y.  The pastimes of thier youth are growing more mediocre by the day thanks to technological advances and information overload. Take the Kindle for example.  I’m a bookworm – always have been.  My favorite memories as a child were my mother reading to my sisters and I before going to sleep, along with going to the library with my sisters after school and taking out ten books a week.  I love when I’m sitting somewhere reading and an intriguing stranger asks me what I’m reading.  Will the Kindle, a pretty fascinating bit of technology I can totally see as replacing hard copies of daily publications, take that away?  Will I read to my kids from a touch screen?

If there is such a risk, I guess I’ll take my family into the woods and we can live as hermits…but then this BA in PR I’m getting would be obsolete….

It has been hard to sit and write a well thought out entry.  Not to say that my classwork hasn’t been interesting.

I spent two hours Monday designing a logo of a monkey banging cymbals.

My Google Alerts are set to follow American Apparel – one would think I was obsessed with illegal immigrants and pornographic print ads.

I can now firmly attest to the fact that myself and my friends are the target demographic for Apple, Inc.

My homework last week was to call a customer assistance number in order to learn about customer relations.

In one of my classes, we recently took an exam.  The guy who did the best got a coupon for McDonalds.

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