These shoes stay on my feet.

I was originally planning to put this blog on hibernation.  Now it’s a featured blog on HTVi, Hofstra’s web television channel.  Op.

As I’m going through my final year at Hofstra, while most of my classes are work intensive, the most valuable lessons I have learned in the past month have been outside of the classroom.

Don’t let the little things get you down.  Not only does it takes great strength to pull through tough situations, but it’s highly admirable.  This is true for every case, whether your car gets towed by your university’s Public Safety or you jump out of a window during a party to impress  some one and get your ankle sprained in the process.  Yes, these things have happened.  (Dear Mom, I’m walking just fine, don’t worry.)

Avoid “group think” as much as possible.

motion graphics sketches 001No matter what age you are, you will always look back and reminisce about the past.  No matter how terrible the present will be, with your car towed and your right ankle swollen, in the future you will look back and wish you were back at this moment in time.  The solution?  Take every opportunity as it presents itself, spend more time having fun than wallowing in pity, and take photos of yourself.

Believe in the scientific method/design process.  Be curious.  Do your research.  Make assumptions.  Test out your theories.  Evaluate how you will do better in the future.  This also works in any situation, whether you are searching for your soul mate or trying to design a logo for your New Media class in Illustrator when the last time you really used the program was seven years ago.  Op.

Honesty is the best policy.

motion graphics sketches 006It’s fine to be a pack rat when the objects you keep have a great personal value.  When it doesn’t mean as much to you anymore, then feel free to be rid of it.  This is the case for every mix a boyfriend makes, book you inherit from your deceased grandmother, note you write on a scrap of paper, and souvenirs your friends bring back from countries afar.

Things are not always what they seem.  Don’t be scared, just roll with it.  Sometimes you like it more.  Like when you listen to a song for a while, then finally see the video, and be surprised.  A smidge.

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