Something to look forward to…

I’ve become a victim of the surreal way of thinking where everything that occurred previous to the present seems ages ago.  It happens most when you travel to a new place.  Two weeks into my final year of school, it feels as if the three weeks at home in Delaware working at a produce stand was a year ago, and the summer I spent in Chicago even further in the past.  If anything, it makes me anxious and worrisome, acknowledging the speed at which the passage of time travels and realizing how all too quickly my “adult” life is going to begin.  The biggest question in my head is whether everything I have done and worked towards will be worth it.  But I guess no one ever knows for sure.

To keep everyone updated, I am currently taking a New Media course in Motion Graphics at Hofstra.  I am required to have a blog in order to post my work along with comments about news involving media and design.  It has already become my most updated blog since I must have a minimum of four entries a week.  Take a look : RbLyN Creative.

I still use my Tumblr as my go-to for super micro-blogging, i.e. “i like this picture for its witty undertones”.  The most recent post on MyNameIsReb was the playlist from my last WRHU Airwave show.  I’ll probably reserve this blog for future playlists and lengthier posts. Tumblr is just too convenient to give up.

So if you tally it up correctly, I have two blogs for my own use (RbLyN Creative and MyNameIsReb), manage another (PRestige_Agency), a Tumblr, Twitter, along with the all too ever common Facebook.  While some accounts may be more updated and successful than others, it’s too important for some one in the field of marketing/public relations/communications/media/advertising to understand the use and advantages of all social media devices.  Some work better than others, depending on who the target is and whatever the product you are promoting.

What I have had most trouble with is figuring out the objective for my own “self-promotion”.  In the age of celebrity bloggers (people who have gained celebrity post blog) and successful youth (Harry Potter actors, Miley Cyrus, anyone who falls under the Disney star label), the perfectionist in me is wondering what it is I am NOT doing that is preventing me from overnight internet fame.  Maybe it’s laziness, maybe it’s a stubborn defiance to not be tippity typing on my laptop until the wee hours of the morning.  The fact is, I am in an undecided state in life.  All my personal belongings fit inside my car, I have yet to have a permanent address other than my parents’, and in 8 months I hoping to have a job in an uncertain field that will determine where that permanent address will be. The last thing I am going to do is claim to be an expert in anything.

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