Interpretation of Someone Else’s Inspiration

This was originally posted on my blog RBLYN Creative for my Motion Graphics class, but I thought it would also be worth sharing here.  It is a unique perspective on how to solve problems/challenges.

Characteristics of a Problem Solving, Strategic Designer Extraordinaire who “gets” the design process-
applicable for anyone who finds themselves facing long to-do lists, managing a team, or trying to accomplish a goal.

1)      A problem solving, strategic designer extraordinaire knows that In order to understand a situation fully, one must learn everything about it down to the last detail.  When approached with a situation/challenge, a problem solving, strategic designer extraordinaire knows the importance of understanding all sides and all possible angles.  This is the only way to avoid error and see all opportunities that may be presented.  Problems should be interpreted as opportunities to enhance the situation at present.  Step one for any challenge – do your research.

2)      A problem solving, strategic designer extraordinaire must be organized systematically in order to combat the chaos.  In order to meet challenges, designers must adhere to the design process, or the scientific method for those not yet past grade school.  The design process is research, brainstorming, prototype/experiment, presentation/execution, and then iteration. Once someone is able to master the process can they guarantee that their goals will be accomplished.  In this crazy world of chaos we live in, any sort of systematic process used to “figure it all out” is the key to success.

3)      A problem solving, strategic designer extraordinaire is a Renaissance man.  They must be able to do everything and learn multiple skill sets.  This is due to their ability to analyze problems from multiple viewpoints.  One must never get stuck in a rut; one can never learn too much or be too old to be further educated.  We are in an information age where new ideas are being discovered constantly and the last thing anyone wants is to be out of touch with society.  In order to stay engaged, one must always strive to be better educated and test their own abilities by constantly research, writing, sketching, brainstorming, etc.

4)      A problem solving, strategic designer extraordinaire is humble.  No one is perfect and no one has the ability to do everything.  Designers acknowledge the usefulness of team work and the ability to let go of tasks to become someone else’s responsibilities.  The delegating tasks is a sign of one who follows the design process.  It is difficult to let go of responsibilities, but it is necessary in order to give full attention to their other priorities.

5)      A problem solving, strategic designer extraordinaire treats all jobs equally.  No job is too little to be ignored or too big to be feared.  The design process is applicable to all situations, whether just a small solution is determined or a large problem is solved.

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