Tidbits of Advice Part 1

The following list are tidbits of advice derived and compiled from lessons I have learned throughout my life, either from the vast experiences I have had (in 21 + years).

  1. Always try to return phone calls and text messages.  No one likes to feel ignored.
  2. Eat breakfast.  Every day.  Within an hour of waking up.
  3. It’s never about how nice you are to your superiors.  You can only be considered a genuine person if you are nice to senior citizens, children, and animals.  In fact, if you treat any being from within the three groups terribly (remember I don’t hold grudges)   you are a truly terrible person in my eyes.  Actually, when some one else is talking about a person they greatly dislike, and which I agree to, I always say “yeah, and I bet he/she kicks puppies.”  So brake for animals, be nice to kids (though you’re allowed to be sarcastic to them, they rarely catch on), and help out old people when they ask  – especially if they are a stranger to you and are standing on a sidewalk by themselves and you are their only hope to get home/cross the street/hail a cab.
  4. If you care about some one, write a letter and mail it to them.  Letter writing is an art.  A text message? Those get deleted eventually.  Phone calls?  Always appreciated and well deserved, but how do you keep them preserved?  I keep two boxes in my room in my parents’ house.  One is labeled “0-10” and the other “11-20”.  In those boxes are cards and letters that I have saved during my life, with the numbers obviously corresponding to my age at the time of receiving said letter or card.  Therefore, I have the ability to read through the letters my grandmother sent me before she died, cards my family members have sent throughout the years, valentines from grade school crushes, etc.  No matter how advanced technology gets, no communication will ever be better than that similar to the contents of those boxes.
  5. If some one makes you something as a gift, you better appreciate it – especially the more personal it is.  This is most important for relationships.  Dear next boyfriend:  I won’t be able to buy you a new Ipod for your next birthday, but I will bake you cookies.  I know you understand this shows more love than an Ipod ever will. I dated a guy who claimed to not like vegetables, and I drew him a cartoon of evil, angry vegetables as a random gift to give when I met up with him for a date.  He understood it’s value.
  6. Don’t drink more than 4 caffeinated drinks a day.
  7. The trick of sleeping for only three hours to get you through the day doesn’t work after the first time.
  8. Try to see as many of your favorite bands live as possible.  Get in the mosh pit as often as you can.  Push to the front of the stage when it really matters.  Crowd surf at least once.
  9. Live in at least one region other than the one you were born in.  Pick up a bit of the accent if you live somewhere for over a month.  If you are lucky like me, you will eventually have a wonderful voice containing a medley of attractive accents.  It is something I have been complimented on, from friends’ mothers to creepy truckers who call in at WRHU.
  10. Having a good sense of humor will get you far – especially if you can utilize it in any awkward situation.  If some one doesn’t get your humor, or maybe lacks some themselves, be rid of them.  It is a waste of your time and theirs.

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