Senses of Streamwood

For my last weekend in Chicago for the summer, it was necessary to come out to the suburbs to visit my friends who live in Streamwood.  For my own amusement, the story of my day will be told as a sensory experience.

1.  Smell – While walking out of the Jewel-Osco at midnight, my friend Berto mentioned something about the smell of Streamwood.  Due to my tendency to only pay half attention to what is going on around me, I got the impression that Streamwood smells like damp firewood.  That’s not too bad – considering when I think of other regions’ distinct smells – specifically “Joysey” and parts of PA when it’s mushroom season.  (By far this was the weakest example of a sensory experience in Streamwood.  Bear with me, it gets better.)

2.  Sight – SO while killing time, we stopped by a curious “wizardy” shop featuring collectibles of anime characters and super heroes.  I love stores like this because no matter how evolved a person be, however much money they make, how good looking they may be – if they are anyone full of worth, there is a small part of them who loves this superhero or had comics as a kid or a deck of Pokemon cards.  Mine is Star Wars.  Having a love for Star Wars humbles me and for that I’m thankful.  What also makes me thankful is that now, Star Wars can be cute.  Witness our discovery.

chicago 09 003

chicago 09 001

Anything with an oversize head is adorable nowadays.  The SIGHT of these stuffed creatures, however, were not the highlight of my day.

3. Taste – Have you ever had bing?  I am not speaking of that silly search engine.  I had it for the first time during my initial summer visit to Chicago for Pitchfork Music Festival two years ago.  It has been the tradition to have it every summer while here.  There was one afternoon during my days at Rubenstein where I was talking about the glorious Korean treat.  I had to look it up on Wikipedia to explain to everyone what it entails.  Here’s the link in case you need to know as well. Supposedly Pink Berry and Red Mango carry versions of the delicious bing they offer at Coffee Haus in suburban Chicago, but I just can’t allow myself to believe it.  I challenge anyone in NYC this fall to take me to either places and prove me wrong.  If you’re a cute male who reads books and is willing to pay – even better.

chicago 09 015This is a delicious concoction of ice cream, ice shavings, red bean paste, strawberries, kiwis, bananas, cornflakes, fruity pebbles, rick cakes, other random fruit, and strawberry syrup.  This was breakfast on Saturday and made the day start off gloriously.  If you ever wanted to win me over, share a bing with me.

4. Touch – What you have been waiting for.  All I have to say is who doesn’t cheer up when in the company of puppies? Let alone when the pet store actually sets up cubicles so you can interact with a puppy before buying it.  Did you know that most pet stores now set up payment plans for buying pets?  It’s almost as complicated as paying for college.  These two adorable pups were ever so sweet and kept chewing on Baby-san’s shoes.  However, a Boston Terrier stole my heart away .  I decided for myself that in the future, when wondering if I am ready to have a kid, I will buy a terrier instead.

chicago 09 005( i have two videos but my internet connection is being difficult.   i promise puppy videos)

5. Sound – (sound isn’t quite a sense, but just to write “hearing” as a noun seems awkward).  This needs no introduction.  To make a long story short – my friends and I played Rock Band until 4 am and we KILLED it singing Fleetwood Mac.  This is a present from me to you.  Enjoy.

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