What Happened to You?

I had a dream recently of all my teeth becoming brittle and falling out one by one.  While looking this up online, I find that there are no super postive interpretations – family member dying, extreme anxiety, lack of confidence in physical appearance, fear of growing old, losing money, or my self-concious telling me I lie too much.  It’s also one of the most common dreams that people have.  I do put some faith into dream interpretations – however, is it not interesting that the most common dream highlights the most commons anxieties that people have?  Conclusion:  this dream is nothing to lose sleep over.


While engaging in social networking at my internship today (i.e. check Facebook and Twitter), I found out that some jerk face stole my friend Kelly’s bike in DE.  If that isn’t terrible enough (everyone knows that a sweet bike is a poor college student’s convertible), the bike was a present from her father, who passed away back in March.  Kelly made a Facebook Event asking friends to keep an eye out for the bike.  If you live in the Mid-Atlantic region, please keep an eye out (that phrase itself is silly sounding).

Who knows where the thief is now – they probably COULD have biked the 130 miles to NYC.  If we all truly believe in the powers of the Internet, it is very possible we can find this beautiful bike and return it to her glorious owner.


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