How can that be true?

god i miss having a working camera.  i would have much more interesting posts if i could take pictures myself.  so much for leaving the charger back in de.

These are some thoughts I had while perusing through Craigslist personals a few days ago:

It drives me crazy when people dream up their perfect match, down to the details of looks and interests.  If you are searching for that perfect match that you had dreamed in your head, you are going to be missing out on so much.  It’s like searching for the perfect book/painting/dress/puppy (puppy? No maybe not) It is not fair create over the top expectations.  There is more joy in being open to whatever opportunity arises and discovering something that makes your eyes open wide, you gasp slightly, and think “this is it!”.  To be fair and for fear of appearing conceited, in the past I have met guys who appeared to fit the mold of my perfect/ultimate/dream man.  None were worth the effort in the end.

I hate seeing cute guys in the personal section of craigslist.

What would be the tagline for my craigslist personal?

  • “Let’s build a music collection”
  • “I want us to grow a library together”
  • “It goes both ways – must bake cookies”

On my tumblr I posted a list of things to do when boredom/brokedom hits.  Despite the list, I have found some great finds in this great city of Chicago.  One of my favorite places by far is Myopic Books in Wicker Park.  3.5 stories of used books + one extremely friendly cat.  Their hours go until 1 am on weekdays – especially for me.  I tend to get lazy and take my time when going to places.  Two guys that work at the front counter are a sight for sore eyes as well.

I was having a terrible case of the Mondays yesterday.  I recently came into a little money so I decided to spend it well on some new/old books.  After roughly a half hour in Myopic, I found three strays that needed a good home.

The Flounder by Gunter Grass (renowned German contemporary fiction writer)
this was one of those finds where the title of the book was what first caught my eye.  it was obscure enough for me.  it’s about both culinary history and sexual history – i’ll let you know how it is.

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers
this is my “conforming” book.  Everyone seemed to have read this about three years ago.  I’m finally jumping on the trend.  I used to use the Facebook application where you list your favorite books and “friends” on the app will recommend other books.  Because I put Milan Kundera’s Unbearable Lightness of Being, this was recommended.

A Year In the Life of Andy Warhol Photographs by David McCabe and Text by David Dalton
I do have a fascination with Andy Warhol, The Factory, Edie Sedgwick, and the whole period of the “POP” art scene.  I believe Warhol knew before anyone else about how celebrity, art, culture, and media will affect one another in the future.  Warhol is a case study of how one works to portray an image of how they want to be seen and percieved.  I sometimes wonder how Warhol would fair in today’s society, with social media, celebrity culture, and information overload at an all time high.  This book contains photos that Warhol commissioned from McCabe during the year of 1964.  Dalton “narrates” the photos and does a wonderful dissection of how Warhol’s mannerisms changed once he became regarded as an icon.

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