…I’ve got a game for you

Among my adventures during my “Kerouac Summer” in Chicago, I took advantage of the free admission week at The Art Institute of Chicago.  It was in celebration of the opening of their new Modern Wing.

I was amazed at the variety and vastness of their collection.  I snapped a few photos of my favorite paintings and now I would like to test your savvy art history education and name these paintings.  The winner that names the most paintings with artist correctly gets a custom made mixed CD from yours truly. Wherever you are in the world, I will mail it off to you.  Everyone loves a methodically planned mix, let alone the fact it’s a trophy to show how cultured you have become.  Your ancient grade school art teacher would have been impressed.  I want to clarify the fact that I am known for creating great mixes with custom/creative packaging.  Keep in mind my credentials as WRHU Airwave DJ and Producer as well as being acknowledged for having creative artistic talent.

You have one week from when this entry was posted to give your guesses.  You can do so by commenting on this entry.

Here goes:

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